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M. Shane Loyd, PLS - Owner / Founder

Shane Loyd is the owner and founder of The RLS Group, LLC with an office located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Shane, with over 18 years of service to the surveying community, founded his company, The RLS Group, LLC in 1999. Shane has committed himself and his highly successful business to advancement through the use of cutting edge technology in his profession. Along with being the first in his area to employ the use of GPS and Robotic Total Stations, Shane also recognized the monumental impact that High Definition Scanning (HDS) would have on the global market place.

As director of day to day operations and strategic marketing at The RLS Group, LLC, Shane mirrors his high regard for strong family commitment into the leadership of his small business by placing great importance upon investing not only in technology but by investing in the growth and advancement of his staff.

Shane's commitment to the advancement of his staff and his company has earned him the reputation of not merely being a solid service provider but that of being a true problem solver and a pioneer among his peers.

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