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High Definition Scanning

High Definition Scanning - Click for larger image. In our quest to stay on the cutting edge of technology we are excited to offer High Definition 3-D laser scanning (HDS) services. As with any new technology, we are discovering groundbreaking uses for it every day. Originally designed for the petrochemical industry, HDS was intended for accurately displaying large complex piping networks in hazardous and sometimes remote environments. Since then a multitude of uses have been discovered where HDS can be beneficial to many different industries including but not limited to plant, BIM, retrofit projects, product manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, architectural as-built and design, historical preservation, environmental preservation, crime scene preservation and the entertainment industry. Our deliverables can be as diverse as our clients' needs. We can provide everything from standard as-builts and raw point cloud data to 3-dimensional virtual models and animations. Read below to learn more about how 3-D High Definition Scanning can benefit your project. To learn what type of HDS equipment The RLS Group uses please visit our Equipment Page.

For the Manufacturing and Plant Sector

This relatively new tool is ideal for manufacturing industry where taking accurate measurements can be hazardous, time consuming or near impossible. When an HDS survey is done on a manufacturing facility the benefits can be numerous. Because the process is non-evasive, production does not have to stop for the information to be collected. The information (point data) is collected from many vantage points and reassembled in an accurate 3-D representation of the facility, shown as a "point cloud" in real world units. High Definition Scanning - Click for larger image. This can allow facility management to show all of the plants infrastructure, machinery, utilities, and stock areas accurately and may reveal previously unrecorded information. The largest benefit can come from retro fitting an existing facility with new machinery or product lines in a virtual environment before any real world modifications take place. Referred to as "Clash Detection" The RLS Group can help with placing these new entities in your facility and give reliable, accurate measurements, proving whether or not a proposed plan will work with the space permitted. Having the ability to know beforehand what size of pipe can fit into a space or to see if a new machine will fit in a specified area will save time and money. Another benefit of gathering HDS information is that the scan can take information from areas too hazardous to collect with traditional measuring means. Areas like high traffic intersections or railways, contaminated areas or just a spot that would be inaccessible normally. Elevated pipe racks, large smoke stacks, elevated walkways, and building spans are no problem With HDS.

For the Civil Engineering Sector

Though originally invented for the plant and petrochemical arena, HDS has many beneficial civil applications. Road and bridge as-builts, urban topographical surveys, building pad verification and volumetric calculations are all possible with HDS. High Definition Scanning - Click for larger image. HDS is very efficient on topographical surveys in urban environments, especially when a very tight grid is necessary. Finding low areas in parking lots or roadways requires hundreds if not thousands of data points. We can acquire millions of "shots" in minutes with HDS, making it more accurate and complete than with conventional surveying equipment, in a fraction of the time. Bridge and Road as-built data, when collected by HDS, also has many advantages. Not only are we able to collect data that may be out of reach for conventional surveying practices, but we can do it much more safely. Collecting massive amounts of data with each scan reduces or eliminates return trips for missed areas. These data sets remain available for future planning, designing, measuring, and add on construction. Volumetric calculations can be preformed with very high accuracy without coming into contact with any toxic or hazardous materials. It also eliminates having to place crews under high-walls or on top of sheer walls.

For the Architectural, Historical Preservation, and Building Management Sector

HDS provides unparalleled benefits in the architectural realm. Historical preservation is one of the fastest growing Fields of HDS, we are able to record very complete and accurate representations of historical buildings and structures. This is very important for archival purposes as well as for degradation studies and revitalization.

Elevation drawings are based on true measurements extracted from highly accurate point cloud data, instead of time consuming, or inaccurate, measurements that are potentially dangerous or impossible to acquire, by hand.

High Definition Scanning - Click for larger image. Utility as-built drawings can be created by scanning during construction. By showing exact placement of plumbing in a concrete slab, or wiring behind drywall, these drawings, reduce guesswork in demolition or relocation.

One of the newest and most exciting uses for HDS its integration into the world of BIM or Business Information Modeling. Point cloud data is used to model entire buildings. The model is made up of building components that contain information pertaining to its specific properties, such as material, size, and in some cases even the part number. We feel that this process is emerging as the standard in building design and sustainability. Our company is becoming very involved in making it a standard practice for our product. These are just some of the benefits that HDS can offer these sectors of industry. For more information on how we can help you on your next project please contact us.

For a movie showing one of the many examples of the benefits of HDS, click here.

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